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Ford Service

We all dread impending services and MOTS, but with Lancashire Auto you needn’t worry. An MOT is necessary to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy, and therefore legal to drive; it checks your car to both safety and environmental standards. We’re happy to conduct your MOT at Lancashire Auto, and we’ll always make sure we give you the most friendly, plain-speaking, practical advice to help you get through the process.

Your car will need a service or some repairs if it fails the MOT, but remember that your car will also benefit from a regular servicing to identify any potential problems before they get out of control and costly. Our services extensively check your car from top to bottom to ensure everything works as it should, and is in optimum condition. We examine your car’s most essential elements, such as the brakes, oil, steering, suspension and safety features such as seatbelts, to help you keep your car in the best possible condition, and a car in great condition will drive better, cost less, be more efficient on fuel, and is less likely to suffer from a big flaw at a future MOT.

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Ford Essential

Ford Essential Service and Repairs are designed to keep your older Ford vehicle in top condition, offering quality service from our Ford-trained technicians using Ford Motorcraft parts at clear, transparent prices

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Any make and model

At Lancashire Auto, we are providing you with top-quality car services to help you to maintain the lifespan of your car and keep you on the road.

Honest and straightforward service every time, no matter what make, model or condition your vehicle is in.

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Wheel Alignment & Suspension Check

We understand how important your car is to you in your day-to-day life, and that it can be a disaster if something goes wrong. However, you’ll have peace of mind with our wheel alignment and suspension checks – book in with us and we’ll perform a series of thorough, extensive checks to ensure everything works as it should. When we check your wheel alignment, we’re looking out to make sure your vehicle travels straight instead of banking to one side – poor and ill-maintained wheel alignment can lead to major tire wear, which can lead to major bills for you. When we test your wheel alignment we also make sure your car suspension is working perfectly too, this means examining the springs, shock absorbers and linkages of your vehicle to ensure it provides adequate handling and comfort when driving.

It’s important to have regular wheel alignment and suspension checks, as even the smallest problem can lead to big bills if left unchecked – damaged parts in this area of your car can affect the efficiency of your vehicle too, and even lead to damage on other vital parts. So don’t put it off; pop in and book an appointment today so you can be sure your car will remain as reliable as the day you bought it.

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Body and Paint Repair

You're a very lucky driver if you get through the life of a car without a small nick in the paint work here and there, bumps and knocks are extremely common too, caused by everyday little mistakes that we all make. A minor accident can leave unsightly bumps, scratches and marks on your cars, which ruin the shiny, perfect paintwork. However, don’t fret. Small areas of damage are incredibly easy to repair, and at Lancashire Auto we’re even adept at dealing with the bigger dints and knocks! Our paint and bodywork specialists are highly trained and can leave your car looking fresh-from-the-showroom. We can match up the paint colour of your car with the factory number, so repair jobs are impossible to notice, and we’re equipped with all the right tools to straighten out bumps and smooth and shine surfaces.

Once we’re finished giving your car the VIP treatment, it will look even better than it used to, with a gleaming, blemish-free exterior.

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Car Diagnostic Check

A car diagnostic check will reveal any un-obvious problems with your car; it can reveal problems associated with the oil tank, fuel tank, exhaust system and more. Often your car will light up a warning on your dashboard if something is wrong, but it often needs a car diagnostic check to specifically identify the problem, and that’s something you should trust a trained mechanic with – at Lancashire Auto we have a team of highly-skilled mechanics who can run expert diagnostics on your car and pinpoint anything wrong using the car’s built in computer processors and sensors. The issues are then tagged with a diagnostic code, so engineers can quickly locate problems and fix them.

We recommend regular car diagnostic checks to keep everything running smoothly; there are many problems that can arise in your vehicle which aren’t as obvious as other issues, but they can still cause havoc to your car’s performance, efficiency and safety.

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Car Repairs

In a world where mobility is essential, maintaining your vehicle's health is paramount. Our comprehensive car repair services ensure that you hit the road with confidence. Discover how our skilled mechanics and state-of-the-art facilities come together to provide top-notch solutions for all your automotive needs. Say goodbye to breakdowns and hello to hassle-free journeys as we delve into the realm of efficient and reliable car repairs.

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Are you looking for car servicing and MOTs in Ormskirk? Lancashire Auto is based on Hayfield road on Ormskirk, and we offer great value deals on car maintenance. Our skilled and experienced mechanics will look after your car – we specialise in Fords, but we’re also well trained in all types and makes of vehicle.

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