Wheel Alignment & Suspension Check

Protect your vehicle with our free Ford wheel alignment and suspension check

The constant risk of damage to your wheel alignment and suspension

Driving over potholes, against a kerb or even over speed bumps, can affect your wheel alignment and suspension. This can lead to a whole host of problems, including uneven tyre wear, compromised handling, increased fuel consumption and longer braking distances. Because the effects can happen gradually, you might not even be aware of the loss in performance.

Make sure your car is driving safely and smoothly

Accurate wheel alignment and correctly balanced suspension are both essential to guarantee your car’s optimum driving performance. It also means you get the most traction and life from your tyres – ensuring better road holding, more precise vehicle control and a smoother and more comfortable ride.

No one knows your Ford like a Ford technician

With the state of the roads, there couldn’t be a better time to get a free Ford wheel alignment and suspension check – undertaken by an experienced Ford technician. In addition, we’ll give your vehicle a thorough inspection with our free 30-point safety check.

Free Ford wheel alignment and suspension check

To make sure your vehicle is working correctly and safely, a Ford technician will make a detailed assessment of the suspension system and wheel alignment.

30-point safety check

Our comprehensive 30-point safety check includes:

  • Battery and alternator condition
  • Exhaust condition
  • Tyre condition and pressure
  • Steering check
  • Cooling system condition and levels
  • Brake condition and fluid level
  • Engine oil level
  • Wiper blade condition
  • Condition of exterior lights

Terms & Conditions

If the check identifies any additional work required, this will be advised and quoted for separately. No additional chargeable work will be undertaken without the express agreement from the customer. Your participating Ford Dealer may recommend that certain essential work be carried out on the grounds of safety before you drive your vehicle. Decision of the participating Dealer is binding and final in all matters. This offer is available from participating Ford Dealers. Ford Motor Company Limited and your participating Dealer reserve the right to change, amend or withdraw the whole or part of this offer at any time.